Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Introduction to Project Management (PM)

Management mean plan, lead, orgnisation and control, its can be manage human, resources and project. PM is a application of knowledge, skill, tools and technique to project activities. 9 knowledge area have stakeholder (owner, project manager) and all intergration between time, cost, quality, scope, communication, human resources, procument and risk, with using some tools and technique to get sucess project. Different between project and operation, project is a unique, temporary and have project owner but operation is a continous and all people can do it.


  1. Good attempt..
    Try to make your writing in sentence so that it is clear and can be understand :)
    'Project Management Framework' comprises of:
    1. Stakeholder Analysis
    2. 9 Knowledge Areas
    3. Tools and Technique
    4. Project (Project Success)